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Specializing in automobile detailing

S-Tetik Shop


At S-Tétik Shop, automobile detailing is our passion, and you will notice this on your very first visit to our shop. Focusing on customer satisfaction, S-Tétik Shop will meet your every need.

  • In 2003, Mr. Kevin Gravel founded S-Tétik Shop which has become the leader in the field of automobile detailing.
  • We work with state-of-the-art equipment and we only use high quality products that have been proven and tested.
  • We are the only one in Quebec that uses high-end products from LLumar, known internationally for its quality.
  • We have developed a structured tried-and true business template for dealerships.
  • S-Tétik Shop caters to many dealerships and body shops.
  • Since 2008, we have been working in collaboration with Hamel Honda.

Do you want to preserve the brand new look of your car or simply extend its resell value?

Make the right choice! Trust our qualified technicians who have an eye for detail and can do the work properly.


S-Tétik Shop specializes in automobile detailing and offers numerous services to optimize the appearance of your vehicle, all while protecting your investment. 

What is our mission? Your vehicle should mirror who you are, your style, your attention to detail and perfection. We will do everything to meet your highest expectations regarding detailing your vehicle.

With our team of experts, S-Tétik Shop has known a continued growth, and our reputation guarantees high-end services for all your needs. 

Do not forget your vehicle mirrors who you are, and a well-maintained car will always get noticed!

Authorized retailer of exclusive FORMULA ONE film
Stoneframe / Invisible Protection
Paint reconditioning


S-Tétik Shop services many dealerships and body shops. For more than 10 years, we have developped a business template that is nutured, structured and experienced for all our clients who wish to work as subcontractors, whether it is in automobile detailing, tinted windows / paint protection film or even rust-proofing.
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