Automotive Rustproofing

Rust Proofing


Powerful enough to protect your new or used vehicle against rust!

Permanent products are intended to cover new metallic surfaces that are not rusted, dusty or have other contaminants. They become dry to the touch, but remain flexible in the cold. These products are applied at high-pressure for optimal protection.

There are 2 types of products:

  • CORROTEC which is solvent-base
  • CORRODEX which is a lead-free anticorrosive metal primer containing water

The latter version is a bit more expensive, because of its different manufacturing process and more expensive ingredients. The major difference between these 2 products is due to the type of vapors that emanate upon application. CORRODEX lends itself well to environments that are not well-adapted or badly ventilated. The final results will be the same for both products.


It is important to protect your vehicle against rust. Universal products are intended to cover new or used metallic surfaces.These products will remain soft to the touch, flexible in the cold, and do not stain. They are applied at high-pressure for optimal protection.There are 2 versions of this product:


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Thanks to the expertise of our specialists and to the quality of our products, your vehicle will be protected against corrosion. This is an essential investment for individuals who love their car!

Automotive Rustproofing