Window Tint  for car

Tinted Windows

S-Tétik Shop’s team of specialists is at your service, in order to fulfill your needs when it comes to tinted windows.

Not only does tinted film regulate temperature, it also helps to maintain the freshness of your air conditioner. Furthermore, it increases the beauty of your vehicle.


When it comes to tinted windows, S-Tétik Shop is proud to have the exclusive rights in Montreal and its surrounding area to Formula One film. It has no equal and is made of nano-ceramic and first-grade polyester. In addition, it offers an incomparable anti-scratch layer. Only Formula One film offers a transferrable warrantee, and S-Tétik Shop ensures a lifetime satisfaction regarding its installation.

The advantages of tinted windows using Formula One

  • Lifetime and transferrable warrantee on products and installation,
  • Superior anti-scratch products,
  • Up to 99,9 % UV protection,
  • Heat reduction of up to 65 %,
  • Glare reduction of up to 40 to 94 %,
  • A system retaining glass shards in case of break, thus increasing safety,
  • Non-metallic film,
  • No loss of cellular, GPS, XM or radio signals.
  • Nano-ceramic, high-end technology,
  • Color will not fade (guarantee)
  • Film on glass will not bubble (guarantee)
  • Will not crack (guarantee)
Window Tint  for car