Reconditioning of paint



Usually, vehicles spend most of their time outside. Paint is, therefore, explosed to many contaminants. These are able to get through the protective layers like wax and paint, and set deeply in.

Proper paint decontamination is a necessity, especailly before applying a layer of wax.This is the first step in preparing an atuomobile. It is necessary to remove impurities that are deeply incrusted in the paint, which makes it rough to the touch et visually dull; even many repeated washes cannot remove them.

If you apply a layer of wax before decontaminating your paint, you imprison the contaminants between the layers of paint and wax. This decontamination removes tenacious dust, such as the encrusted metallic particles that are emitted when braking (which is often confused with rust).


When the time comes to protect the body of the car, the first thing that comes to mind, of course, is rust-proofing it. Incidentally, it is a great idea. However, you need to now that this type of protection acts mainly on your car's structural elements and offers no protection to your car's paint.

Based on penetrating agents teflon, natural resin of silica and a filter for ultraviolet rays our paint treatment is very different from that of a waxing. This product was created in such a way that it fuses with every shiny paint finish, as well as polymars of "freeze coat" type, in order to prevent dehydration, discoloration and oxidation, and thus accentuating its shine.

If you foreseekeeping your vehicle for a long time, its body should be treated once a year.This is a winning investment when reselling your car.


Paint reconditioning is a decontamination of the paint, followed by a full polish of the vehicle and an application of high-quality wax. These steps will give your vehicle a beautiful shine and will procure maximum protection.  This paint recondition step, carried out by our qualified technicians, enables the removal of the majority of scratches found on your vehicle, restores its finish without decreasing the thickness of the paint and helps in maintaining your vehicle.

This work is highly recommended when:

  • You purchase a used vehicle and you want to give it its original look.
  • You want to sell your car, our detailing package will surely help you sell your car faster and at a higher resale value.

  • You want to keep your car instead of exchange it for another, opt for this package in order to give your car back its original luster, as when you purchased it from the dealership 4-5 years ago.


A full reconditioning of your headlights will give them the appearance of a new car. Many car buyers do not even look at these vehicles when they shop for a used car –the foggy headlight lenses from these vehicles lose much in aesthetic value. However, reconditioning your headlights allows your car to properly stand out.

In addition, driving with used headlights that have become yellowed over the years is not really safe. Damaged headlights can significantly decrease by half your visibility when driving at night or during cloudy weather.

Reconditioning headlights is more than a simple polish of headlights, which will last only a short time. At S-Tétik Shop, there are many stages used to recondition your headlights – they consist in sanding and polishing the headlights in 3 phases (according to wear). Polishing the headlights gives back the headlights' original brightness, contributes to better visibility and, above all, during winter conditions and at night, increases your safety when driving.

Reconditioning of paint

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